The best graffiti paint in 2019

rack of spray paint

Graffiti supplies in 2019 have come a long way. There are over 20 brands of paint and markers to choose from each with its own variety of colors and different features.

In this article, we will cover the top 10 cans you should try out (if you haven’t already) whether you’re a bomber, a street artist, or a wildstyle master you name it. There are plenty of options to choose from, we chose the top 10 for you to compare.

1. Belton Molotow / 400ml

One of the most innovative graffiti paint suppliers with 20+ years of experience. Molotow offers high-quality paint and functionality. There’s a constant improvement in the paint formula. Molotow offers over 275 colors to choose from, making them the company with the largest color scale in the market. However it is expensive, but you get what you pay for! Quality.

2. Flame / 400ml

Chinese manufactured spray paint, introduced by Molotow. Flame paint offers two graffiti cans that complement each other. Blue (low pressure) and Orange (high pressure) both have good coverage with an acrylic-based formula. The paint will last longer on the wall thanks to its UV system. The price is simply amazing.

3. MTN 94 / 400ml

One of the best options in the market and has been for many years. MTN 94 offers an extensive color range with a 9-step chromatic gradation it is also very quick to dry and a suitable tool for pretty much anything. An interesting feature of these cans that you won’t find in any others in the market is the smell of each color – for example, yellow smells like a banana. If you want the best stuff out there this is what you should go for. Expensive in price yet worth it if you want to create quality work.

4. Montana Black

Montana Black is a premium type of spray paint, characterized by its perfect balance of accuracy and maximum coverage. It uses a Nitro-Combination-based formula and can be applied to any surface. Not to be confused with MTN 94, Montana cans are a German-based company. A very important feature of Montana black is that it’s 100% winter-proof which makes it a reliable can.

  • Base: Germany
  • Colors: 187 matte-color chart
  • Valve System: High-Pressure
  • Price: High
  • Coverage: Smooth
  • Quality: Premium
  • Official Website:
Montana Gold cans

5. Montana Gold / 400ml

The ultimate tool for creative work which will produce professional results if you know how to use it of course. The control is amazing, it offers maximum accuracy, and quick-drying, and can be applied to all surfaces. The price is higher than most paint of its class, you can achieve the same results with a similar can that’s cheaper.

  • Base: Germany
  • Colors: 214 Acrylic semi-gloss colours – color chart
  • Pressure: Low-Pressure
  • Price: High
  • Coverage: High coverage
  • Quality: Premium
  • Official Website:
Ironlak set of cans

6. Ironlak / 400ml

Ironlak is an affordable option, a can that is made for writers by writers. They have built a strong culture around the brand, sponsoring some of the best writers in the world, that’s why they know what writers want (good quality for the best price). The paint has high pigment and comes in many vibrant colors, ironlak is constantly innovating and perfecting its formula. The pullback with this paint is the strong odor, one of the strongest compared to other paint.

This can is one of the best options for writers no doubt!  

  • Base: Australia
  • Colors: 91 gloss colors – color chart
  • Pressure: High + Low Pressure
  • Price: Fair
  • Coverage: High coverage
  • Quality: High
  • Official Website:
Clash paint set

7. Clash / 400ml

Clash paint is made in Italy, and designed for graffiti. It’s highly opaque and uses a standard European valve system. The stock cap is not that great and the cans must be protected from heat because they clog up easily. Overall Clash is a medium quality can at a reasonable price.

One Take spray paint

8. One Take / 400ml

One of the newest cans in the market, there’s not a lot of information out there about this can, however, it is a great option to consider. Manufactured in China and slowly making it into graffiti shops around the world. It sells at a reasonable price, fast covering and we’ll probably see more of One Take in years to come. It’s a product with potential.  

Kobra paint high and low pressure

9. Kobra Low – HP / 400ml

Kobra paint offers both high and low pressure cans with over 250 colors combined. It’s great for “subway art”. With the low pressure, you can get very thin lines, in comparison, the high pressure is great for flare tags and throw-ups – the control is just amazing. Their formula has an eco-friendly approach due to the use of propellants that are not harmful to atmospheric ozone. Additionally, Kobra has made major improvements to its formula since 2017.

  • Base: Italy
  • Colors: 250+ acrylic – color charts:  Low – HP
  • Pressure: High & Low Pressure
  • Price: Fair
  • Coverage: High coverage
  • Quality: Medium
  • Official Website:
Loop spray paint set

10. Loop colors / 400ml

Loop Colors is another fairly new brand of paint like One Take. Produced in Italy and offers over 170 colors with a satin finish. Offers high coverage and medium pressure, the control however is not that great for detailed work unless you are an advanced writer. Loop Colors has expanded worldwide very quickly. They too take an eco-friendly approach like Kobra in the manufacturing aspect.

There you go!

The top 10 list for 2019. With so many options out there, it was difficult to choose which ones would make the list. And the ones that did make it have something good to offer. Whether it be price, quality, or both. Very few brands can offer both but the ones that do surely made the list. A couple of new brands also made the list because they are worth experimenting with and they offer a great price, so why not!

Choosing paint all depends on individual needs. Hopefully, this article will help you weigh the facts and choose what’s best for you and maybe consider trying something new for a change.


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