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Flicks Graffiti


  1. What do you write, where are you from and how did you get started?

    Flicks, I come from a small town in Indonesia

    Precisely in the east of the island of Java, namely the city of Banyuwangi which is adjacent to the island of Bali, where this island is the dream island of foreign tourists

    I started graffiti at the age of 15. I started by seeing a motorcycle gang community doing graffiti activities at night..and even then I was interested in finding what graffiti was.

  2. How long have you been writing and what influenced you in the beginning?

    I knew graffiti at the age of 15, but I started down the street in 2008 when I was studying art at one of the campuses in Indonesia.

    I said I was attracted to graffiti because I saw a group of motorcycle gangs writing gang names in the corner of my town at night.

    That's where I was interested in looking for what graffiti is and finally I found it and dared to go down the street right I took college in 2008 which was introduced by my college friend and works of art until now

  3. Where has graffiti taken you over the years and what is one of your most memorable moments?

    Graffiti brought me to something change in myself and the way i make art until now i work as a graffiti artist and designer

    when I was invited to join by one of the urban street crews in Russia and Malaysia which indicated that my graffiti artwork had begun to be known by foreign people

  4. Why do you choose to write graffiti, what do you get out of it?

    Because of the graffiti that brought me to this point and even though I haven't reached the point of success

    I met a lot in this graffiti, starting from local or international friendships, attitudes, knowledge and things that I can't mention one by one basically graffiti makes me happy

  5. How does graffiti influence your digital designs?

    Because in this digital era I think I can not only go down to make graffiti on the streets but also can make digital designs but with whatever style of graffiti it is and it must be a job

  6. Do you prefer to paint trains or walls and why?

    I like to paint trains, but my city and country is very strict about it, so I can only do it on the walls

  7. What’s your all-time favourite brand of paint to use and why do you prefer it to others?

    All brands of paint cans specifically for graffiti are all good, but what I like more is Montana cans,because the quality of the paint on the walls is very strong and durable

  8. If you could paint with anyone in the world, dead or alive who would it be and why?

    Red SKORE from Russia, I really wanted to be able to paint with him because of the wildstyle style that I like and he has a different character from the wildsyle graffiti artists in the world and has a characteristic red color which I like, and he is one of my inspirations

  9. Which would be your next destination to paint, what attracts you to that specific place?

    Russia, somehow i like that country maybe because of the culture, artistic of the city and the many artists that inspire me and the artists who have different styles there are so many

    Graffiti in the woods

  10. Do you have anything you would like to share with us?

    I feel very proud to be able to collaborate with the Vandal Wisdom brand by making graffiti tag designs which are finally printed on merchandise,

    This brand is very cool, I also really appreciate it, I am ready to be your brand ambassador

  11. Thanks for sharing some of your wisdom with us and please share anything you would like to promote or shout outs for our readers.

    Graffiti will never go away from me and it sticks to death, 
    and the Vandal Wisdom brand is a witness to my art

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